Tuesday, October 2, 2012

breast cancer awareness month...stila's positively pink set

everybody has that cousin.

that one person you love to see and sit next to at weddings, baby showers, or other family events, because you know they will turn a long and generally boring affair on its ear.

carmella was that cousin.

i'm the youngest of all the first cousins...so i (of course) was always the 'baby" whenever the family on my mother's side would get together.

carmella would give me hugs, offer up any candy she might happen to have on her person (she always did fyi), and play with my hair.

she always had a funny story to tell.


she loved being a teacher and would tell me that, like it or not, i was going to be a teacher* too one day.

she taught me my first joke, that i can still tell today and kill with...and it's not g-rated.

she loved music and loved to dance.

she had an infectious laugh and personality.

you always found yourself smiling around her.

she's the one who named me.

as what sometimes happen with cousins, you lose touch with one another.

children grow up.

families move.

one day i received the call from my sister that carmella wasn't doing so well.

turned out the breast cancer that she had fought almost her entire life was back and attacking her body with a vengeance.

she died the next day, before i had a chance to see her.

a beautiful person inside and out.


what's so heartbreaking is that there are other women like carmella out there.

other amazing women who are losing their struggle with breast cancer, or who are being diagnosed with it, every day.

october is breast cancer awareness month.

it's your chance to show your support for those affected and their families.

this month, i'll be posting some products that will not only make you look good, they'll make you feel good too.

take the above for example.

for every purchase of this really cute positively pink set, stila will donate $1 to the breast cancer research foundation.

what's not to love about that??

head on over to stilacosmetics.com to find out more.

*disclosure: i have not purchased this product, nor was i given a set to review. i was, however, a teacher before i stopped in 2005 when i had my son. :)

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