Friday, August 30, 2013

it's about that time... you probably may have already guessed, i've decided that it's time to put this little blog of mine to rest for a bit.

while i loved doing this and i loved you guys (those of you who still might be around) i have moved on to something else.

a long time ago, i used to love doing photography.

we're talking years here people.

way before point and shoots and dslr's...there was me and my hand-me-down 35mm film camera.

yes, that's right, i said FILM.

well, actually, before THAT even there was a film point and shoot that i bought at a flea market when i was 8 because i wanted a camera and it was cool looking.

anyway, back to the 35mm.

my dad had passed his camera down to me and i would take pictures of anything i could. mainly my nephew (he was 10 years younger than me and, at this point, i was in high school). then college came and after college, work, and then a boyfriend who turned into a husband, and then kids.

that 35mm was long gone and i had moved onto a dslr.

i liked it, sort of.

i would use it as a glorified (and more expensive) point and shoot and take it out maybe twice a year for maybe 10 mindless pictures at a time.

then came my iphone and that dslr just started to gather dust.

then, this past december, i decided to take it out for some pictures of my kids.

we went out on a little photo shoot where i planned where we went and i actually thought up ways to creatively capture images of them.

i liked it a lot.

after that, i started taking some more here and there.

then a major personal event happened in my life that kind of changed everything.

the emotions i was feeling at that time, just had to get out somewhere and i chose photography as a way to express it.

so here we are.

why am i telling you this??

well, you see, i have started a blog about my photography.

it's still a HUGE work in progress.

my blogging (and website tweaking) is a tad bit rusty, but i have started something and i hope you come by to take a look.

you don't have to of course, but if you do, well, that would be really really nice of you.

anyway, that's where i'll be, just in case you'd like to find me.

thank you so much for your time over the years here. i really appreciated all of your fabulousness.


i did.

hope to see you over in my new digs.

you can get there by clicking here..if you're so inclined.



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